Code First Entity Framework

Recently we had Chris Sutton stop by the West Michigan .NET User Group to talk about Code First Entity Framework, one of the hotter topic in the Microsoft space.  The Code First Entity Framework represents an interesting step for Microsoft with giving control back to the developer over their model, similar to how NHibernate handles things.

The CF EF model allows developers to use POCOs exclusively with a defined Context class to persist data to the layers of their database, this allows it to work well with DI which is a growing trend in development.  Using standard mapping conventions developers can keep their models clean and avoid the litany of craziness that is often associated with generated models.

Taking many of the conventions from NHIbernate and other clean model driven ORM platforms CF EF takes the best of Microsoft’s powerful EF framework and combines it with these principles to provide for an exceptional development experience.

Chris Suttons presentation materials will be made available on the West Michigan .NET User Group website:, visit for more details


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