Upgrading Android Applications

This weekend at the Chicago Code Camp I will be debuting a new presentation focusing on advancing the quality of Android applications.  Mostly we will focus on various aspects that, when leveraged correctly, can improve the usability of your application and the likelihood that it will continue to be used by users.

The principle point of the talk was to build on the concepts from the Intro talk and understand the extensibility points within Android.  Mobile users are a special breed of users that are mobile and require apps that fit their lifestyle.  Making users wait is not acceptable and may result in someone getting hit by a car.

Focus Points:

  • Styles
  • Themes
  • Notifications
  • Dialogs
  • Indicators
  • Camera usage
  • Search

Understanding how to achieve these goals through leveraging what Android gives you is essential to meeting the usability needs of your end users.  We talked about hiding “jankiness” using dialogs and indicators to manage user expectations, and doing these operations in AsyncTask.

In response to the feedback I received, I am making available all assets for the presentation available here.  Please note that I intend to make changes ahead of CodeStock where this talk will be presented next.


Please feel to leave any comments on topics that I didn’t cover and that you would like to see or topics that I did cover that you didn’t like.


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