Advanced Android Presentation

In preparation for my speaking engagements at CodeStock and the Chicago Code Camp, I am preparing a new presentation which supplements my existing, and soon to be retired, presentation “Introduction to Android”.  The title of this new presentation is, tentatively and uncreatively, “Advanced Android”.

This is the first time I have tried such a presentation where the goal is to simply show and discuss concepts in Android that many developers will use to simplify their development of Android apps.  However, there are a bevy of topics I could cover.  With that in mind, below is a tentative outline of presentation, please comment on anything I have missed or what topics you find most interesting.  Thanks

  • Introduction
    • Android growth and popularity
    • App expectations
  • Strategies
    • Dependency Injection (Guice)
      • View finding
      • Data Layer management
  • UI
    • Menu
      • Interaction
      • Rules
      • Customizing
    • ListView
      • Adapters
      • Custom list item templates
    • Dialogs
      • Alert
      • Custom
    • Notifications
      • Raising
      • Using Receivers
  • Using External Resources
    • Intents – provide advanced understanding and options
      • Camera
      • Contact List

Please take a look at this list and let me know if there is something I missed or what topics on here are really not interesting, if any Smile.  I will work through the list and start putting things together over the course of the next week, gotta hurry though, Chicago Code Camp is May 14.


4 thoughts on “Advanced Android Presentation

  1. I would like to see more stuff around async non janky ui. Dealing with offline data, canceling already running tasks. Handling configuration changes. Using gps. Having config changes not kill running tasks, etc.


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