CodeStock 2011

I got a chance this weekend to attend CodeStock in Knoxville, TN for the first time.  Special thanks to everyone involved in organizing the conference.  I got the chance to learn a lot by attending some great sessions, including those dealing with the fall out of the layoff of the Mono team following the purchase of Novell by Attachmate.

I also had the chance to present a couple sessions on native Android development, both my Intro talk as well as my more advanced Upgrading Android Apps session.  Both of the talks were well received and I appreciate everyone coming by to listen to me talk.  Getting the chance to converse with people about these topics, as well as many others, is part of what makes speaking and attending these conferences so much fun.

As promised to those who attended, I am providing the slide deck and code for both talks, slightly modified to remove any sensitive data that is contained within the application.  Please feel free to contact me on Twitter (@jfarrell) or via email ( if you have any questions.  As always, thank you for attending CodeStock giving me the chance to meet you.


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