West Michigan Day of .NET Sessions Announced

Being on the planning committee does have its advantages.  Not only have I had the opportunity to work with some really great people to help plan for Day of .NET here in West Michigan, I have also gotten to see what people in the community are looking at; I gotta say, I like where our community is head from a technical perspective.

Anyway, just moments ago Chris Woodruff gave his final approval of the sessions for the 2010 event.  Here is a list of the people selected to speak

  • Dennis Burton
  • Michael Eaton
  • Sam Nasr
  • Jay Harris
  • Jeff McWherter
  • David Giard
  • Jennifer Marsman (MSFT)
  • Dan Woolston
  • John Hauck
  • Mark Miller
  • Mike Amundsen
  • Steve Mushkat
  • Steve Schofield
  • Dave Leininger
  • Matthew Groves
  • Jason Farrell (Me)
  • Stephen Cleary
  • Jonathon Tower

I am honored to have the chance to speak at the event this year with so many fine speakers, many of whom I have looked up to as I have come up through the ranks here in West Michigan.  All Sessions and their abstracts are available here (http://www.dayofdotnet.org/GrandRapids/Fall2010/Sessions.aspx)

Come check it out October 23 (Saturday), 2010 @ Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI from 830am – 5pm


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