the social network

This evening I went and saw “the social network”, a movie that I have been excited about since it premiered.  I have always harbored a deal of respect for Mark Zuckerberg and this movie did little to diminish that, though some of the decisions that were made seemed a bit harsh to other parties, some times radical situations require radical action and I think that is what Facebook experienced.

Told through the inner dealings of the many lawsuits that faced the company stemming from its initial creation you get a real good look at how the idea was propagated. It was really neat to see how certain ideas sprouted from the natural interactions Mark had with other people and fellow classmates and how the idea consumed him until it dominated his every waking moment.

This is a must see for any programmer, cause we can all identify with a lot of the concepts in the movie, from Mark hacking networks in the early part to the terminology thrown around the facebook office that programmers are all to familiar with. Just a great movie in all respects and one that I am definitely going to get the blu for on day 1.

Sorry for the lack of technical content as of late.  Expect an announcement regarding West Michigan Day of .NET soon.



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