Introduction to Android Presentation

I recently gave a presentation for the Northern Michigan .NET User Group ( on the topic of the Android Mobile OS. A weird topic, I admit, for a .NET user group but, these days branching out is essential to survival as we all know.  The presentation covered what Android is and how fast it is growing and talked about the various released and unreleased versions of Android.  I then talked about how developers develop applications on Android, including an explanation of the tools and conventions.  I then presented code for a simple HelloWorld application using Toast notifications.  After this we talked about many of the development aspects of the code: the separation of the UI from the code, how Java handles events, and what is an Activity.

As a closing exercise for the presentation I presented the source for the the Twitter Profiler application which uses the Twitter API to look up public information for a user.  I then showed how quickly this app can be deployed by deploying it to the Android Market and demonstrating how quickly it became available (10s).  As promised I am making the slide deck and sample code available. Download it below.


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