Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch

This week I was at the Windows Phone 7 Developer Launch event in Detroit, MI.  As someone really enjoys developing in the mobile space Windows Phone 7 has me really excited, more so every time I see it.  The developer experience is just light years ahead of what Apple and Google provide, yes even iOS dev with MonoTouch fails to even touch WP7 dev with Silverlight and .NET.  Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to make the development experience between Silverlight for the Web the same as Silverlight on the phone.

You can say that I am just drinking their Kool-Aid but I seriously invite you to take a look at the phone if you have not done so already.  It really is incredible.  In my opinion, it will be very interesting to see if Microsoft can take a large chunk from Apple and Google.  Much of that will hinge on the acceptance of the Metro design that Microsoft is pushing.  Their idea is to make using the phone like navigating through an airport and/or a mass transit system.  You may never have been there before but because of the signage you can instantly find your way around.  Windows Phone 7 is designed to truly give you information you want at a glance, and the hub design lends itself well to this concept.

The Hub design allows you to group related applications together to provide a tightly knit experience and rather then go screen by screen, the hub gives the impression of grouping through text and pictures scrolling off the visible screen at the same time indicating to the user that there is more content.

I honestly have not been this excited about a Microsoft product in a long time.  I do get excited about their products often, but I am really psyched about the phone.  As I code for Android and iPhone, the developer experience alone is enough to make me want to salivate.  Their ad for the phone is also pretty funny:

I love the part where the kid beans his Dad in the head while they are trying to play catch.

Overall, I really enjoyed the event and learned quite a bit.  I encourage you to take a look at the new Microsoft phones.


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