With great humility I accepted the invitation to speak at Codemash for a second year in a row. Last year I spoke on Xamarin.Forms, this year I debuted my new talk based on the experience of a project I have been leading for 7 months at West Monroe; a talk on ReactJS, Redux, and Redux-Observables. The talk is a culmination of the lessons learned while using this stack to develop the product for our client.

This Codemash, however, was very different from all other experiences due mainly to my extended stay at the hotel (I am usually only there for the GA conference) and my fight with severe food poisoning on Wednesday. The later caused my session to be delayed until 830am on the final day of the conference. Thankfully things went well, but throwing up seven times on Wednesday was not at all fun.

But in the end things worked out, I even managed to catch an earlier flight back to Chicago to beat a snowstorm that was coming in. Throughout this trip I was reminded just how awesome it is to fly with Southwest as I had to make many changes to my trip and each time, super easy and no fees. I also discovered the Kalahari, and probably other similar hotels, are not well setup for person’s with upset stomachs – was very difficult to find bland foods on their menu. But their staff was amazing and even had the onsite EMT check me out to make sure I didnt need any additional treatment; I didnt.

As for the talk I got quite a few people which, given the reschedule, actually surprised me. It was a good audience, great questions. But I still feel the talk attempts to cover too much despite my best efforts to scale it down; it might well become a two part talk.

For now, I am resting and enjoying my 35th birthday and heading back to work with no travel on the calendar until March (MVP Summit). Time to find a new apartment in Chicago and start preparing for Ethan’s arrival in July.


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