Chicago Code Camp 2016

This year I was selected to speak at Chicago Code camp on Xamarin End to End Development. This is the same talk I gave at Uplift a few months prior with some improvements based on the information gathered at Xamarin Evolve the week prior.

In addition to my presentation, I was asked by David Giard to participate in giving part of the keynote around why right now is such a good time to be a developer.  This was a tremendous honor and I really enjoyed it, even if there were a few technical hiccups during my section.

Overall, the event went exceptionally well and I got a ton of questions about Xamarin from the packed house that attended my session. It appears that the purchase of Xamarin by Microsoft has generated a surge in the interest of Xamarin, Miguel noted this as well at Evolve showing a dramatic upturn since the announcement.  To that end, I suggested to David Allen that a joint user group meeting between the .NET User Group downtown and the Mobile .NET User Group be held with a talk on Xamarin to take advantage of this upturn in interest.

In regards to Chicago Code Camp, all presentation assets (including the keynote demo) are located here:


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