Chicago Code Camp 2016

For the second year in a row the committee running the Chicago Code Camp has invited me to speak at the event.  Chicago Code Camp is an awesome event and I credit it with being a big reason I looked to work and live in Chicago. This year I will be presenting my Xamarin.Forms End to End Development talk. As opposed to other Xamarin.Forms talks this one attempts to show Forms under real world scenarios.

Along with exploring Forms and Xamarin’s roots, we will dive into full coding examples where I show how to build an application from scratch. Beyond that I show off an MVVM style approach using FreshMVVM and explain how MVVM can help us build apps which are more testable by using ‘mocking’.

The conclusion of the talk focuses on Xamarin.Forms usage with the Xamarin UI Testing tool which enables scripted interactions to take place in an automated fashion; locally and in the cloud.  Hoping to see a lot of people there on April 30th.  Registration is already open for this event: This will be the second year at Illinois Institute of Technology.


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