Thoughts on CodeMash 2010

As CodeMash 2010 has come to a close I would like to take some time to reflect on the conference.  This year was, in my opinion, not quite as good as last year but a lot of fun.  I think this year more people decided to really forgo the sessions and focus on the networking and social interactions that really define what CodeMash is. To me CodeMash has ALWAYS been about the people; people that you meet and the people you get to talk to and learn from.  So that said, I didnt feel the sessions were quite as good as last year, so we will look forward to next year.

One thing that did happen was I did my first ever open spaces sessions where I spoke on Developing for Android. Considering I decided I want to talk about it earlier in the morning and did no formal preparation, it went very well.  I had about 20 people around me and we just talked.  I explained some of the things I have discovered in developing CodeMashDroid and really perked the interest for a lot of people.  I really want to speak next year, but for right now I am preparing to submit my first abstract to the New York City Code Camp, which would give me a chance to really push RCM’s name for web development in the New York area.  But I digress. Speaking of CodeMashDroid, I was amazed at how many people had Droids at the conference. It really is nice to see that Android is making good success against ATT.

I was also not the only one to develop a mobile application for Droid, as an entire company decided to get involved in the development. I also missed the emails about posting information on the app so other would know where to find it, in addition I targeted only Android 2.0+ so I limited myself to those with Droids or newer; but its good to take away lessons from such an experience.  I also learned about some of the shortcomings in my test methodology and emulator capabilities.

Overall, CodeMash was a great experience and I look forward to the same experience next year.  I will be posting my pictures to Facebook later this week as well as hopefully getting time to write up a few blog entries elaborating on the topics I spoke about in my Open Spaces discussion.


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