Introducing CodeMashDroid

I am pleased to announce the release of a new app in the Android app store which I have entitled CodeMashDroid.  This app was developed in response to the request from the CodeMash organizers that attendees develop a solution for managing the CodeMash schedule using a REST API containing information for all conference information.  In addition, I had just purchased a Motorola Droid and was curious in entering the world of modern mobile development.  So I set out to create such an application.

As I developed the application I began to think about the fact that each time I went to a conference we were always being handed a piece of paper with the schedule or people would use their laptops to look up times.  It seems with the prevalence of cell phones, especially in the geek community, the smart handset could be used to manage this information and be used to alert people if they are missing something.  Think of it as a specialized calendar, or even better based on what suggestion, allow integration with Outlook, gCal, and iCal.  From this feedback and train of thought the idea for a conference managing application was born.  CodeMashDroid is a proof of concept app for this idea, and should it prove successful the project will officially kick into gear after CodeMash when we have collected feedback.

To download this app please look for it in the Android App store, it is free and we welcome any feedback as we decide on how to move forward. Please leave these comments in the AppStore feedback section, we will be monitoring this and will work the features into planning as we move forward.  We also welcome naming suggestions as I have no idea what I am going to call this yet 🙂



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