Heading to New Signature

I decided to leave my post at West Monroe after nearly 6 years in their service. My new position will be a DevOps Consultant at New Signature – I will be tasked with helping clients adopt a Cloud first and DevOps centric mentality. I am absolutely ecstatic for my new role.

In saying that, leaving WMP is bittersweet. I am excited for the new challenge but, I am also cognizant of just what a great place to work it is. I owe them for helping me recover my career after I went through some hard times before that. I rarely told this story but, after working at Centare and having things not pan out at all how I thought, I questioned staying in consulting. Combined with a lot of personal pain I was in a rough spot when they offered me a Senior Consultant position in 2014.

Along with their offer I had a mobile development company make an offer as well so, it really came down to what I wanted. Luckily my girlfriend, now wife, helped me see clearly and I decided to take the plunge into WMP, a company I thought was going to be a challenge to work for due to the perceived corporate nature. But I did not find this “corporate culture” instead I found a home. I found great people that were smart and pushed me as I pushed them to be the best we could be.

Over the next 6 years I went through what I can only describe as a career renaissance. Thanks to WMP I regained my vigor in the community and achieved the status of Microsoft MVP (if only for a few years) and I reignited my passion for backend and DevOps, something that I know champion heavily and led me to finding the job at New Signature. But more than anything, the people I met are something I can never forget and was what made leaving so hard.

As I turn to the future, I am nervous. I will be taking my family to Atlanta to build a better life for my son and finally put down roots. This will be a challenge but, I have already been greeted by wonderful people at New Signature and I am very excited for the challenges this new post will offer me.

Big thanks to everyone at West Monroe and I look forward to the day our paths cross again.


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