Anchore Integration with Azure DevOps

One of my goals is to constantly find ways to improve the quality of the product that teams put into their environments from Dev all the way to Production. At West Monroe, we started exploring various reference patterns for DevOps flows; including those that had Container Image scanning as part of the flow – I decided to look into Anchore and their Open Source Container scanning product as part of my end of this effort.

Azure DevOps, however, did not support any sort of existing integration with Anchore, nor does the team have anything in Azure that enables fast setup. In a future post, I intend to walk through the actual setup of the Engine Server and API.

For the Azure DevOps side, I was challenged by a colleague to create a custom task to support this integration. I have made this open source on my GitHub (

It is still very much in its infancy and I do intend to prepare a Readme file to better explain its usage. The GH repo also contains a Project tab which has some goals that I have, very limited at the moment.

Here is the link to the extension in the DevOps marketplace:

If you would like to contribute and help out please do so, I want this to be a collaborative effort. Thanks in advance



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