MVP for another year

It is with great humility that I announce Microsoft’s decision to renew my MVP status for an additional  year. While it is my second renewal, it comes as the first true renewal that I have had since being selected in 2016.

What I mean by that is, after I was selected in 2016 the program’s renewal cycle changed and as part of the change I was grandfathered into the MVP program for 2017 into 2018. This mean’t it would be my accomplishments in 2017 that would dictate whether my MVP status would continue.

I spoke and blogged quite a bit in early 2017 but, shut things down around August to focus on my wedding and honeymoon. What’s more, throughout 2017 I was tasked with a large $4mil web project using NodeJS, AWS, and ReactJS for West Monroe. I was worried as this certainly drew my focus away from what got me my MVP. In addition, I decided to also refocus on the web and away from Xamarin (this as part of an overall decision to focus more on the Cloud side of things).

2018 has also not been easy as the AWS project finishes up and I celebrate the birth of my first child, my son Ethan. But I am committed to finding the balance and have already spoken at two conferences (CodeMash and Chicago Code Camp) and am selected to speak at TechBash and have abstracts out to VSLive.

In the end, my willingness to share my ideas here and the awesome people who have to read what I wrote and even share some of my articles on forums and StackOverflow, helped get that MVP renewal and so, I send out a Thank You to all.


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