Fixing Visual Studio Docker

One of the things I have been focusing on building, skillset wise, over the last several months is Docker. From a theory standpoint and with Docker itself I have made good progress. The MVP Summit gave me the chance to dive into Docker with Visual Studio.

Unfortunately, this process did NOT go as I expected and I hit a number of snags that I could not get past, specifically an Operation Aborted error that popped up whenever I attempted to run locally.

Google indicated that I needed to Reset Credentials, Clean the solution, and remove the aspnetcore Docker image. None of these seemed to work but, with the help of Rob Richardson I was able to get the Container to work properly on Azure and even experiment myself with adding updates. But we still could not get anywhere locally.

I therefore took advantage of so many Microsoft employees being around and was able to get Lisa Guthrie and Lubo Birov from the Visual Studio tools team to help me. It wasnt easy but we managed to find the problem; happily it was not rooted in something I had done which was what I suspected.

It turned out that the VS Debugger had decided to go haywhire and needed to be replaced.

Lubo showed me the vsdbg folder located here: C:\Users\<Your User>. By changing the name of this folder we forced Visual Studio to recreate it and everything was fine.

So that is it, just wanted to share this to hopefully spare someone from my pain and to give another shoutout to Lisa, Rob, and Lubo and everyone else who helped. One of the great things about being an MVP is the great community and the knowledge that there are some uber smart people out there ready and willing to help others.


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