I had the chance this year to be a speaker at the inaugural Indy.Code() event in Indianapolis, Indiana. I was accepted to present two talks with a mobile focus: Intro to iOS (with Xamarin) and Intro to Android (with Xamarin). My goal with each talk was to talk less about Xamarin and focus more on the foundational concepts of the individual mobile platforms: iOS and Android.

For iOS I spent a lot of time focusing on the use Xcode as the means to build the UI for iOS apps and also how Xamarin registers its types with iOS so they can be used. I tend to stay away from the Xamarin iOS Designer due to the performance differences between it and Xcode, I also do not like how certain design aspects of iOS are represented there (Auto Layout in particular).

Beyond this, I covered how Storyboards have changed the game when designing iOS applications and how they integrate with TableViews, Navigation, and overall design. I then dipped the audiences toes in the vast topic that is AutoLayout.

I will be presenting this topic again at CodeStock in May.

For Android, which is a topic that, relative to iOS, I have much more experience with I had a much harder time breaking things down just to sheer volume and the changes that have taken place in the platform since its inception. I started off talking about Activities and how we can use annotation in Xamarin instead of registering them directly in the Manifest file.

I spent much of the time helping the audience understand the various features Android offers to deal with the fragmentation of the platform, in particular the density classification and relative pixel definitions that enable you to get 90% of the way there; I even had an example where I showed how a different layout can be defined for various traits of the platform: layout, density, sdk. Beyond, I showed an example where we used the RecylerView and Fragments to construct and Album information lookup app.

Both presentations were well received and the event was done very well. I am hoping to submit next year if they have it again. However, as I have previously noted, I am starting to move away from my mobile focus and returning to my focus as a backend developer so I can leverage my Azure knowledge and AWS certifications moving forward.

Indy.Code() too place March 29 – 31. Apologies for the delay.


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