My First MVP Summit

So back in October I received word that I have been made a Microsoft MVP for my contributions to the Xamarin community. This was a huge honor and something that I have been working towards my whole life; it also meant that I was invited to the Microsoft MVP Summit at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, WA. So this whole week was spent in sessions with Microsoft employees learning about the current state of .NET and where Microsoft is taking things. I cant share specifics but I can share some high level things that might continue to be useful.

.NET Core
.NET Core was the attempt made by Microsoft to break up .NET and mitigate the huge DLL loading problem that many apps saw, in particular those that took advantage of Microservices. There are certainly some big changes coming, many announcements will be made at Microsoft Connect in the future. But .NET Core will contain to play a huge role and as Microsoft continues to expand Docker support that will be a win for all.

The focus on Xamarin at MVP Summit was immense and you can tell that Microsoft is really all in behind this company; there a ton of things that are changing and will come out over the next 6 months. I am very excited for it mainly because many of these things will address issues that I have had with Xamarin for quite some time. Also, it is always great to meetup with Miguel and talk to him. I am really impressed by their continued dedication to allowing .NET developers to use C# on iOS.

Obviously there is a lot more, but it really felt like drinking from a fire hose. I have a ton of notes and I hope to address these topics, as best as I can, more indepth in the future and once Microsoft makes certain announcements and I dont have to worry about NDA. The one thing they did say is that much of this stuff is open source so, if you can find it, you can learn about; they have quite the GitHub repo.

For now, I am looking forward to getting back to Chicago and being back with my fiancee as we move into more serious territory with regard to wedding planning. Cheers all. It was a blast and I could totally see myself living in Seattle in the future.


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