Testing with Xamarin

On Monday, June 6, 2016 I will be debuting a new talk at Chicago Coder Conference 2016. The talk focuses on much of my research into UI Testing using Xamarin’s UI Testing framework. In addition, I will also talk about my experiences with unit testing both as a means to test application code and to validate UI functionality using the Moq library. UI Testing is a crucial step in the mobile application development process because of the disparity between devices, especially on Android. This talk will not just talk about it but will also show them working and tips for setting them up. I also hope to have a solid discussion around the various levels of testing and what goals are to be achieved.

Current slide deck and code are on my GitHub: https://github.com/xximjasonxx/ChicagoCoderConference2016

I look forward to seeing you at the talk. I also plan to give this talk again at a future session of the Chicago .NET Mobile User Group.


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