New York City Code Camp 2014

I recently spoke at the 2014 version of the New York City Code Camp, my talk was focused on the Modern Trend in Software Development towards Services and the “Connected Experience”.  The event was also something of a reunion for me as it allowed me to reconnect with many of the friends I made when I worked on Long Island from 2009-10.

The content of the talk is largely geared at helping developers to understand, conceptually, where things are going and how services can help us target the immense number of platforms available: platforms such as TVs, Cars, Appliances, Consoles and others in addition to the well known tablet and smart phone platforms.

The talk does not delve too much into the technical aspects of this because I believe that in doing so you imply a “silver bullet” path for achieving a separation between application and data.  There is no such thing, the key thing is to understand why there should be a separation before the how.  For this reason, I showcase many tools and concepts to underscore the point I am making, including a brief look at AngularJS as an example of how easy it can be to create a “client”.

Overall the event went well, very impressed with how much it has grown since the early days when I first attended in 2010.  600 people attended and I had at least 50 people in my talk, standing room; something I was not expecting.  I am now more invigorated than ever to give the talk in St. Louis and, hopefully, CodeMash.

Spending some time in NYC was great and it is amazing how my perception of the city has changed with my living in Chicago; I definitely see things much different.  Anxious to get back to things in Chicago.  My next speaking engagement will be internally at West Monroe Partners on the topic of Cross Platform Mobile Development using Xamarin and MVVMCross, where I am going to show off a Proxy Twitter app.


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