Using Guice in your Android project

Some time ago I wrote the Pay It Square ( Android application for a couple friends as a way to promote their service on the Android platform.  Prior to this while I had done Java programming in the past it was not of the “advanced” variety, at least not as high level as what I do in .NET.  This being the case it was my first true exposure to DI in Java.

For DI on Android we used RoboGuice ( which allows for various forms of injection to assist the Android developer in developing the common boilerplate code (ie: getting a reference to a view in a related layout).

For my upcoming talk on Push Notifications talk I wanted to create the Android demonstration app using this tool.  Having been a while since my last big foray into Android I noticed that RoboGuice had recently been updated to version 2.0.  No problem, the instructions ( seemed clear enough.  However, I quickly found out that something was wrong.

After adding the files as Jar references and then as Library references I kept getting an error relating to the Provider and Class Not Found.  At first I thought I was not referencing the Jar files correctly in IntelliJ.  However, this was not the case.

After breaking things down to their simplest form, I found that a certain Jar file that I thought I had (courtesy of the RoboGuice download) was in fact not correct.  The answer to solving this was to download the files separately:

The problem child here is the javax inject library which supplies the ability for guice to “inject”.  The link above references a ZIP file which contains the javax.inject.jar file.  Add all three of these JAR files as Library references within IntelliJ and everything should work fine.  Leave comments if they dont.


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