Pay It Square Android Goes LIVE!!

Today I am finally able to publish the Pay It Square Android application to the Android Marketplace.  I learned a lot developing this application as it took place over the course of time where my Android knowledge really blossomed.

The project began in November of 2010 when Brian Anderson of OST approached me about helping his company, Develomatic, create an Android version for a site he was working on called Pay It Square.  The project seemed interesting and, at the time, I was seeking to leave RCM and OST was a place that I had a strong desire to work at as many of my close friends and mentors had started working there.

After a couple iterations and some heavy redesign both from a code standpoint and UI (I learned how to use Drawable XML and do 9-patch drawing) I began to make substantial progress.  I think the biggest thing I learned from this project is how DI can help make a project better.  Using Guice I was able to abstract away the business objects and separate out, cleanly.  It was an awesome learning experience.

So head out to the Android marketplace and as long as you are in a supported country (the EU, US, Canada, Mexico) and have at least Android 2.1, you are good to go.


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