Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference


Today, I had the chance to once again give my “Introduction to Android” talk, this time at the Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference (  This was my first time attending the conference, though it was the fifth time the conference had been held.  This is also the second to last time I intend to give this talk, it will be retired after I give it at CodeStock 2011 in June.  I really looked forward to this conference as it is planned by SoftwareGR ( which is not the .NET crowd that I am accustomed to running with, this means new people and new ideas, both of which help inspire me in development moving forward.

In addition, despite having given this presentation a large number of times before I am lucky that the topic continually changes and the landscape of mobile development is continuously evolving.  This has allowed me to expand and change the presentation to take into account new happening, such as the situation with the Symbian operating system from Nokia and continue to provide new stuff each time I give it.

Below are the materials for my presentation.


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