Introducing SmashDroid for Android

One of the aspects of CodeMash that I have come to really enjoy is their dedication to providing REST feeds to allow developers to write applications to work with the data for Sessions and Speakers.

Last year was the first year of this and many people entered, including myself.  Being new to Android development at the time and with not much time to work with my commitment to the client in New York, my application was not where I wanted it to be.  This year, I resolved to start earlier and dedicate more time.  Now with the conference two weeks away, I present: SmashDroid.


SmashDroid is an Android app that is able to run on devices supporting Android 1.6 (Donut) and above. It features numerous features, the coolest, I think, of which is the ability to have the device notify the owner when a particular session starts, as well as allowing them to view a schedule.

SmashDroid allows the same drill down functionality commonly found in other CodeMash apps.  It loads the Session and Speaker data each time it starts so as to have the most absolute data possible; this is important because CodeMash does often change its information.

Once you reach the level of a Session, you can choose to have your phone notify you when it starts.  Only one session can be set for notification at a given timeslot, the app will warn you before you overwrite an existing notification.

For the purposes of demonstration:

Please let me know of any comments. And to answer the question, its not a Windows Phone 7 app cause I don’t own a Windows Phone 7 Smile


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