Grand Rapids Day of .NET – Introduction to Android v2.0

Today, October 23, 2010 was the Grand Rapids Day of .NET.  Since I joined NuSoft, now RCM, I have always loved this particular event, because it gives the entire .NET community in Grand Rapids to get together and share ideas.  Ever since the first time I went, I have always wanted to speak at the event.  Well this year, courtesy of my connections with Chris Woodruff, I got a chance to not only speak but also got to experience first hand what it was like to plan, setup, and run such an event; and of course it had to be a record breaking year for attendance.

Despite it being a Day of .NET, we elected to open the talks to all technologies in keeping with the theme that Microsoft is embracing of being “open”. To that end, I was allowed to give my “Introduction to Android” presentation.  It went quite well, despite the networking hurdles and lack of equipment on my end, still getting used to presenting with a Mac.  Thanks to some quick action by a student, I was able to use “” and present my code samples which accomplished the goal of giving a sense of what programming for Android is like, including how archaic it feels next to something like Visual Studio and C#.

As promised for those interested, I am attaching my slides and the sample Eclipse projects that I used during the talk.  Download it below


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