Day 13 – A Trip to Yokohama

Yokohama is one of the most famous cities in Japan for a variety of reasons.  Mainly because it is the second biggest P4130001city in Japan, a fact which actually surprised me as I thought that was Osaka.  It is also consider to be where Japan began to modernize with the arrival of Matthew Perry from the US in the 1800s.

Today it is one of the cities in Japan used to see foreigners, mainly because it houses the US Naval base at Yokosuke, known as the headquarters for the US Seventh fleet.

Many companies in Japan call Yokohama home, including Nissan (my favorite car company).  This was an unplanned stop that I found looking over the tourist map available in the station.  There is a large showroom of models from Nissan (mostly Japanese models); I love the Nissan Skyline.


P4130006 P4130011  

Once I left, it was time to start my real tour, which was mostly along the waters edge of the Bay of Yokohama, considered downtown Yokohama.  The buildings here are very impressive.P4140039

The large building in this picture is known as the Landmark tower and was completed very recently.  It is the tallest building in Japan (note tallest structure is still Tokyo Tower), though it pales in height to the Empire State Building and formally the WTC.

In addition, it also features the fastest elevator in Japan, which reaches speeds of 710m/min and completes the journey to the 69F in under 40 seconds.  The view from this floor is incomprehensible and really hard to describe.  Tokyo and Yokohama are so big, there is just nothing else like it (except the view from Tokyo Tower).

P4140020 P4140022 P4140027 P4140031

Its unfortunate that I had to shrink these picture so they would fit here; the pictures do not do the view justice.  You can see for miles and it is nothing but city, and you are far enough away where you can see the downtown of Tokyo in the background, shrouded by the fog, really is spectacular.

Unfortunately, this journey took a major toll on me and my already injured right left.  I could barely walk after coming down; so much so that I decided it was about time to head back.  I decided I could still visit Yokohama Cosmoworld.  I had planned to ride the Vanish coaster and the Ferris Wheel.  However, things dont always work out as many people know and I dont like riding coasters by myself, it just feels pathetic.  After some internal debate I decide to overcome one pathetic thing and take a ride of the giant Ferris wheel, looking to get some more shots of Yokohama.



Following this I headed back to the hotel in Shinjuku, a good hour and a half worth of train riding, though I took special care to make sure I took the Shinkansen to Shinigawa to allow me some relaxation along the way.

Upon returning I discovered that a third blister was forming on my right foot as my body begins to wear out from the insane amount of walking I have been doing.  Still I decided to get some rest so me and David could hit Shibuya.

I had been to Shibuya one other time, that was back when me and Kamin visited during our trip to Tokyo.  It was such an awesome time, and I will never forget it.  However, Shibuya seems to be much more subdued on the weekdays, though we still found a couple of nice places.


For the most part, we just drank and talked about things.  David being from France and not speaking much English we actually communicated heavily using broken Japanese; I still find this amusing.  I will leave you with one final shot of Shibuya before we packed it up and headed back.  At this point I could barely stand my right foot and had a considerable limp.  Hoping for some healing tonight ahead of whatever I decide to do tomorrow.



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