My name is Jason Farrell, I work as a Principal at West Monroe Partners in Chicago, IL. I have been working with technology in some capacity since 1995 when I first discovered HTML. Since then, I have found myself interested in a variety of topics from Responsive Design, to Event Driven backend processing systems, to mobile application development, to system administration and technical strategy.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for writing great articles.
    I was wondering where is your code for this article:”Efficient Script Loading with AngularJS”?
    When will you publish the second part? What is “Anime Information API”? Is it on Git?
    Where is the code for your Youtube video: Diving Into Xamarin.froms 1.3?
    Did you check “Thomas Burleson Angular and RequireJS”. I think his approach is great.
    How does your approach differ?
    Please help me get started with both Angularjs and Xamarin Forms by providing links to source code.


    • Greetings Rad,

      There is no code for the AngularJS, it was more of a concept. However, I would recommend checking out The AngularRequireJS seed project here. There will not be a second part of this posting as my experimentation found that in order to fully take advantage of this approach would require significant concessions from what one is used to when writing module angular apps.

      The Anime Information API source code is not available as open source because it uses sensitive key information for the API it is communicating with, which I cannot share with anyone.

      I wasnt actually aware that video was out there 🙂 But the application I refer to most often is Score Predict and its source is available here: https://github.com/xximjasonxx/ScorePredictForms

      I have not checked out Mr. Burleson approach, I will look into it, thank you very much for sharing it and get back to you once I have time. Feel free to tweet any questions you have on either topic to @jfarrell.

      Thanks again for stopping by


      • Thanks for the reply. Could you still remove your key info and still share?
        What is AnimeWeb then? This is a public front end to your Anime WebAPI right? And you are not protecting it right now! If you have something to share about your RequireJs/Angular integration I would appreciate if you can send a project to my email.

        Is ScorePredictForms the solution you presented in your “Diving Into Xamarin.froms 1.3” video? How is that related to ScorePredict (I suppose this is an older version without Xamarin forms, right?)
        Thanks again.


  2. Thank you for these incredibly helpful posts, especially those related to Xamarin. I was hoping that you would make a content page for the blog, as it’s quite hard to find what articles there are currently…


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